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The Manchester team welcomes you to a city associated with a rich political history and diverse pop culture. A city built on industrial success with the ‘worker bee’ as its symbol. The worker bee represents togetherness, hard work, sacrifice, co-operation and resilience. It is with this sentiment we propose the 2019 conference programme will further our wisdom, motivate us to strive further for our patients and improve standards across the UK in continence care.

The UKCS conference is especially good for networking and  Manchester is a great backdrop for the Annual Meeting – we have an excellent, centrally located conference venue, a wealth of locations to eat, drink and socialise.

Manchester is delegate friendly with excellent transport links to the rest of the UK whether you’re travelling by road, train or plane and a great range of accommodation.

Please plan your attendance as we hope to welcome representatives from units around the UK to contribute original research, create networks and take home ideas to improve your practice.

Karen Ward.
Co-Chair, UKCS 2019
Karen Ward
Lucy Dwyer.
Co-Chair, UKCS 2019
Lucy Dwyer


Download the final UKCS 2019 programme here.

Local Organising Committee:

  • Karen Ward (Committee co-Chair)
  • Lucy Dwyer (Committee co-Chair)
  • Maya Basu (Consultant Gynaecologist)
  • David Iles (Consultant Urogynaecologist)
  • Rohna Kearney (Consultant Gynaecologist)
  • Maria Oldfield (Specialist Physiotherapist)
  • Fiona Reid (Consultant Urogynaecologist)
  • Jane Smith (Urogynaecology Clinical Nurse Specialist)

Scientific Committee:

  • Rohna Kearney (Scientific Committee Chair 2019/Consultant Urogynaecologist)
  • Suzanne Hagen (Scientific Committee Chair 2020/Professor of Health Services Research)
  • Magda Kujawa (Consultant Urologist).
  • Pallavi Latthe (Scientific Committee Chair 2018/Consultant Urogynaecologist)
  • Claire Molyneux (Specialist Physiotherapist)
  • Matthew Parsons (Conference Chair 2018/Consultant Gynaecologist)
  • Ian Pearce (Consultant Urologist)
  • Angie Rantell,( Lead Nurse Urogynaecology / Nurse Cystoscopist)
  • Karen Telford (Consultant Colorectal Surgeon)
  • Arvind Vashist (Consultant Urogynaecologist)
  • Alison Watson (Clinical Scientist)

UKCS 2019 Secretariat,

c/o Index Communications Meeting Services.
Crown House, 28 Winchester Road,
Romsey, Hampshire,
SO51 8AA, UK.

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