Thursday 19th April


08.30 Session 4:
Meeting in the middle: views from the specialties

Obstructed defaecation

A gynaecologist’s view Stephen Radley, Birmingham A colorectal surgeon’s view Jon Lacy-Colson, Shrewsbury

Obstetric fistula

A gynaecologist’s view Fiona Reid, Manchester A colorectal surgeon’s view Steven Brown, Sheffield Urology view Tamsin Greenwell, London

Mesh complications

TNPFS view Mark Mercer-Jones, Gateshead UKCS view Dudley Robinson, London Urology view Hashim Hashim, Bristol
10.30 Coffee
11.00 Session 6:
Mothers With Anal Sphincter Injuries In Childbirth
  Chair: Matthew Parsons, Birmingham
Introduction : Michael Keighley, MASIC Foundation

What do we know about prevalence of AI from OASI with increasing aging - are there any long-term studies?

Christine MacArthur, Birmingham

Risk factors for injury and long-term sequelae

Dimitrios Papoutsis, Shrewsbury

What are the changes occurring at the menopause to the anal sphincter and pelvic floor?

Andrew Tapp, Shrewsbury

Is there a two-phase presentation of AI after OASI and what is the evidence of deterioration with time?

Adam Farquharson, Shrewsbury

Investigating the older patient with OASI: Joint presentation

Joanne Hayes, London and Nick Coupe, Bath Question and Answer Session

Nurse led Advice for the older person discovering for the first time that it was all due to childbirth

Alison Ebanks, Shrewsbury

Can physiotherapy prevent the deterioration with age?

Gillian McCabe, Bristol

Do surgical treatment options really work at this age?

Jon Lacy-Colson, Shrewsbury

Do mothers get comparable services for advice and care throughout Great Britain and Ireland?

Julie Cornish, Cardiff Question and Answer Session

Report from the Focus Group held on the previous day (See pre-conference course)

Panel Discussion led by Julie Cornish, Cardiff and Matthew Parsons, Birmingham
12.45 Lunch, Exhibition, and Poster Viewing

Satellite Symposium 2

Hosted by Allergan logo
14.15 Guest speaker:

The Industrial Revolution and Social Change in the Midlands.

Malcolm Dick, Director for the History of West Midlands History at the University of Birmingham
14.45 Free Papers
16.30 Free Papers

Satellite Symposium 3

A Debate:
Shifting the paradigm for managing Nocturia due to Nocturnal Polyuria - where should the focus be?

Hosted by Ferring Pharmaceuticals
08.30 Session 5:
Conservative Treatments

The frail, older patient: strategies for assessing and dealing with frail people

Lead: Suzie Orme, Barnsley,

Nocturia in older patients

Suzie Orme, Barnsley

Assessment: of the older patient in clinic

A Clinical Nursing Specialist

Continence in the older Parkinson patient

Vickky Morris, Taunton


Claire Sutton, Birmingham
10.30 Coffee
11.00 Session 7: Gynaecology for non-specialists:


Yousri Afifi, Birmingham

Menstrual dysfunction

Martyn Underwood, Shrewsbury

Gynaecological prolapse

Fiona Bach, Birmingham

Dyspareunia/ Vaginismus

Bill Rea, Consultant in Pelvic Pain, Gloucester
Lunch, Exhibition, and Poster Viewing
14.45 Free Papers

Patients groups and organisations. What do they offer?

Bladder and Bowel Community/ERIC/Bladder and Bowel UK Lead: Oliver Jones, Oxford Brenda Cheer (ERIC), Joanne Hoyle (Bladder and Bowel UK Team) and Mike Quinn (Bladder and Bowel Community)
10.30 Coffee
11.00 Free Papers

Urodynamics Measurement and Physics

Session 1

Development Of A Smartphone Application To Calculate the Griffiths Watts Factor

Duncan Middleton, Glasgow

Noise reduction in a water-filled urodynamics system

Alexandra Bacon, Bristol

Investigation of a patient with Detrusor Sphincter Dyssynergia

Alison Watson, Manchester

Multivariate Analysis on non-invasive urodynamic parameters for Differentiating DU from BOO in Male

Rui Li, Bristol
  Session 2
Discussion forum (half hour per topic)

Mathematical modelling - does it hold promise or not?

UDS measurement quality - will STP and IQIPS actually help?

Bladder contractility - which indicator can we trust?

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