Speakers & Topics

The programme is in the final stages of being finalised. The Programme will have several streams so delegates can pick and choose there CPD topics. There is a selection of Pre-conference Courses on Wednesday morning before the main event starts.


Sacral nerve stimulation for incontinence:

  • SNS for faecal incontinence: standardisation of technique.
  • Rechargeable SNS: Axonics r-SNM
  • Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation
  • Debate: the optimal method of SNS implantation is:under LA
  • SNS in urinary incontinence. Possibilities

Urology for dummies

  • Recurrent UTIs from a urology prospective?
  • Updates in the management of haematuria.
  • Artificial urinary sphincters
  • Male Urethral problems
  • Neuro urology update

Colorectal for dummies

  • Haemorrhoids/ Fissures and Fistulae
  • Initial Management of Faecal Incontinence
  • Perianal Crohn's Disease
  • Anal Cancer

Gynaecology for dummies

  • Endometriosis
  • Initial management of UI
  • Gynaecological prolapse Dyspareunia/ Vaginismus

Meeting in the middle: views from colorectal and Urogynaecology Surgeons

  • Obstructed defaecation A gynaecologist’s view
  • A colorectal surgeon’s view
  • Obstetric fistula A gynaecologist’s view.
  • A colorectal surgeon’s view
  • Mesh complications
  • UKCS view
  • Patients groups and organisations. What do they offer?

Obstetric fistula

  • A gynaecologist’s view.
  • A colorectal surgeon’s view

Free paper sessions

Conservative Treatments

  • The frail, older patient: strategies for assessing and dealing with frail people
  • Assessment: capacity, mobility, quality of life
  • Polypharmacy
  • MDT
  • Conservative Treatments for Incontinence


  • What do we know about prevalence of AI from OASI with increasing aging - are there any long-term studies?
  • Risk factors for injury and long-term sequelae
  • What are the changes occurring at the menopause to the anal sphincter and pelvic floor?
  • Is there a two-phase presentation of AI after OASI and what is the evidence of deterioration with time?
  • Investigating the older patient with OASI: Joint presentation
  • Nurse led advice for the older person discovering for the first time that it was all due to childbirth
  • Can physiotherapy prevent the deterioration with age?
  • Do surgical treatment options really work at this age?
  • Do mothers get comparable services for advice and care throughout Great Britain and Ireland?

Sexual function, fertility and delivery

  • Discussion of sexual function in different groups
  • Fertility after pelvic colorectal surgery
  • Rectopexy /mesh in pregnancy
  • Fertility and pregnancy after hysteropexy
  • Considerations around mode of delivery after pelvic mesh anti-prolapse surgery

Obstructed defaecation

  • A gynaecologist’s view
  • A colorectal surgeon’s view

Mesh complications

  • TPFS view
  • UKCS view

Panel discussions: challenges I have had……


  • Paul Anderson, Birmingham
  • Yousif Asifi, Birmingham
  • Mohammed Belal, Birmingham
  • Ellie Bradshaw, London
  • Steven Brown, Sheffield
  • Julie Cornish, Bristol
  • Nick Coupe, Bath
  • Jane Dixon, Peterborough
  • Tom Dudding, Southampton
  • Alison Ebanks, Shrewsbury
  • Sue Elkin, Birmingham
  • Adam Farquharson, Shrewsbury
  • Kim Gorrisen, Oxford
  • Joanne Hayes, London
  • Aisling Hogan, Galway
  • Simon Jackson, Oxford
  • Michael Keighley, Birmingham
  • Jon Lacey-Colson, Shrewsbury
  • Christine MacArthur, Birmingham
  • Sarah Jane Marsh, Birmingham
  • Klaus Matzel, Erlangen
  • Gillian McCabe, Bristol
  • Mark Mercer-Jones, Gateshead
  • Elaine Miller, Edinburgh
  • Suzie Orme, Barnsley
  • Dimitrius Papoutsis, Shrewsbury
  • Richard Parkinson, Nottingham
  • Matthew Parsons, Birmingham
  • Prashant Patel, Birmingham
  • Natalie Price, Oxford
  • Sheila Reid, Sheffield
  • Andrew Tapp, Shrewsbury
  • Karen Telford, Manchester
  • Karen Ward, Manchester
  • Andrew Williams, London
  • Alison Wright, London


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