Conference Committees

Scientific Committee:

  • Pallavi Latthe, Chair
  • Karen Brown
  • Karen Ward
  • Phil Toozs-Hobson (Urogynaecology)

UKCS Organising Committee:

  • Fiona Bach (Trainees representative, Urogynaecology)
  • Chair Mo Belal (Urology)
  • Jane Dixon (Physiotherapy) Allied Health Professional Programme
  • Emma Millership (Nursing)
  • Michelle Neal (Physiotherapy)
  • Matthew Parsons (Urogynaecology)
  • Kal Perkins (Nursing) :
  • Simon Radley (Colo-rectal surgery)
  • Claire Sutton (Care of the Elderly)
  • Andrew Tapp (Urogynaecology)

TPFS Organising Committee :

  • Julie Cornish (Coloproctology)
  • Jane Dixon (Physiotherapy)
  • Oliver Jones (Coloproctology)
  • Andy Williams (Endoanal Ultrasound Course)

UKCS 2018/The First UK Pelvic Floor Summit Secretariat,

c/o Index Communications Meeting Services.
Crown House, 28 Winchester Road,
Romsey, Hampshire,
SO51 8AA, UK.

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